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Patented Fastening System
  1. At D&S, we engineer our Custom Covers so they are strong, easy to install, and easy to use. You only need a few tools to install any of our covers: a Phillips screw driver, 3/8'' open-end wrench, 5/32" drill bit, and a 10/24" tap. You should place blue "lock-tite" on the machine screw threads to help secure them. Also, our patented shock cord system allows for multiple fastening points because you can install hooks onto any of the 3" areas provided. This gives much freedom for hook positions, making installations on a wide variety of equipment even easier.
  2. At D&S, we use components that have proven their worth over time. By offering one of the thickest cover on the market (measured in Mill Strength) and installing our covers with an integrated hook, we help you increase the life of your cover.
  3. Why did we develop and manufacture our own custom hooks compared to traditional hooks?
    • Our ball-burnished metal hooks are non-corrosive, unlike traditional metal hooks.
    • Our nylon hooks prevent corrosion because they do not promote electrolysis.
    • Both our ball-burnished non-corrosive metal and our custom nylon hooks increase the life of your cover and shock cord because they are smooth with no sharp edges, unlike traditional metal hooks.
    • Our custom hooks have proven durable under all weather conditions.
    • Our custom hooks are much more forgiving, especially when it comes to accidents. See our testimonials page for more information.
    • Our custom hooks are available only from D&S Custom Covers. When you purchase a D&S cover, you're purchasing one of the best values on the market.
  4. Why did we develop our own superior shock cord? At D&S, your equipment safety and durability are job one. Our shock cord is double woven with high tensile strength nylon and cotton fiber layers over a gum core. D&S shock cord is battle-tested, retains it's elactity longer, and has proven more durable than traditional shock cord.
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